About iConquerMS Caregivers

iConquerMS Caregivers


iConquerMS Caregivers is the first and only community created by and for people who are taking care of someone with MS.

By leveraging people-powered research, we’re building on our knowledge, identifying best practices, and learning more about meeting the everyday and long-term challenges of caring for someone living with MS.

iConquerMS Caregivers is part of the iConquerMS community of people living with MS, their caregivers, scientists, doctors, and others who have come together to understand MS and search for solutions. As a member of iConquerMS, you can confidentially share your information, questions, and ideas to inform and inspire important MS research.

iConquerMS is governed by and for the MS community!

If you are caring for a child or teen with MS, visit iConquerMS Kids & Teens to learn more about pediatric MS and research.


Visit iConquerMS Kids & Teens