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As caregivers for someone with MS, we have real-life experience that can inform and benefit scientific research.

As more of us share that information, the depth and breadth of this knowledge grows, making it possible to ask more relevant questions and design and conduct better studies to answer them. Sharing your lived experience as a caregiver can help the entire MS community work toward solutions for everyday challenges and long-term effects of MS.

You know what living with and caring for someone with MS involves.
Sharing your voice makes a difference.
Participating is secure and easy.

What You Can Do as a Member of the iConquerMS Caregiver Community

People-powered medical research is exactly what it sounds like: research studies of all types that answer important questions provided by you, prioritized by you, designed by you, and even implemented by you in partnership with research scientists, advocates, and clinicians.


Research studies are more than clinical trials. When you join iConquerMS Caregivers, you may be invited to:

Fill out a survey
Sign up for a trial that tests the benefits of activities like exercise or meditation
Participate in a focus group or an interview about your experiences
Report your observations – in a survey or diary – about your loved one’s symptoms, changes to physical abilities, or mood


Science works best when it reflects real-world experience. As someone with lived experience as a caregiver, you may have a chance to:

Give your opinion or rate proposed topics for new studies
Sit on a review board to approve a study or participate in the actual design of the study
Propose your own ideas for what should be researched


iConquerMS Caregivers also has opportunities for other types of activities you can do to make our community more informative, more inclusive, and more welcoming. You may want to:

Sit on one of our governing boards and help shape our projects
Share your story on our website


As a member of iConquerMS Caregivers, you can participate as much or as little as you want.

Whether that means coming to the site to learn from others, sharing your story, filling out a survey, or joining a board, your input is valuable and needed. We welcome you at every level of participation.


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