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How is a person with MS affected by having Covid-19 more than once?

I have had Covid-19 three times - January 2020; Fall 2021 and 2022. The first time I had it I lost my taste and it has never really come back. Only occasionally will I get a very slight taste of something, but it doesn't last nor is it repeated with the next mouthful or next time I eat/drink the same thing. After each bout of Covid my fatigue is worse and after the third bout my cognitive abilities have been affected. Things I used to be able to remember easily I now forget more easily than I remember it. I get my days mixed up, forget names I've known for a long time, and there are other things also. The biggest change that bothers me is the level of the fatigue I am feeling. I used to be able to get through almost the whole day and keep busy during that time but now by 10:30 or 11 in the morning I am exhausted and in order to accomplish anything I have to push myself and promise myself that once I get to a certain point in the work, I am doing then I can quit and rest for a while or stop doing it for the day. Of course, my age factors into it as well - I am 73 years young but the fatigue makes me feel much older, but I try not to think of the age that I feel.


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